Bring us your video original – which can be on tape, DVD or one of the digital card media – and we can transfer, copy or encode as you require. Our range of services
is listed below. If your own requirement isn’t mentioned, chances are that we can
help anyway. Phone for a competitive quote.

Standards Conversions

Differing national TV systems mean that footage from abroad won’t always play in the UK, whilst footage
from the UK is not always viewable in some other countries. Either way round, whether its on disc or
tape, we can convert from one system to another so that the movie plays where you want it to. We can
also make further copies onto any tape or disc format you require, be it a single copy or a large production

Transfer to DVD & Flashcard

We can copy your original to and from most tape, disc and card formats. This includes transfers from
video tape onto DVD.

Tape formats we handle include Mini-DV, DVCam, VHS, S-VHS, Video 8, Hi-8, Digital 8, U-Matic and
Beta SP. Disc formats include DVD, Video CD and CD-ROM. We also handle all flashcard formats.

DVD & CD Duplication

From the tape, disc or card original you supply we can make copies onto DVD or CD in any quantity
from one up to thousands. We also offer on-disc printing, DVD sleeve design, insert printing, assembly,
and clear polythene box-wrapping.

Your discs can be supplied in library cases, jewel cases, paper wallets and clear plastic wallets which
can also be supplied with adhesive should you wish to fix them onto your marketing material or book.

To get a low-cost quote for all or any preferred combination of these services, just give us a ring.


Supply us with your material on most tape, disc or card formats and we will supply you with a disc
containing a file version of your movie encoded for a range of uses. Whatever you want to do with
your footage from internet streaming, uploading to YouTube or creating an archive on CD or DVD, we
can encode your footage using the most appropriate codec. Phone and tell us your requirement and
we’ll do the rest.