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Apart from our commissioned work, Renvision produces a wide range of Special Interest DVD titles. A selection is shown below.

Videos about Norfolk

A Fine City, Norwich in the Fifties
Made in the1950s this a professional film which, unusual for its time, is in full colour. It recalls an era when Norwich's brewing and shoe-making industries were at their height. Featuring market day scenes when there was still a cattle market next to the Castle, this 30-minute film is a vivid panorama of a Fine City as it was 50 years ago.

City, Norwich in the Eighties
A 30-minute professional colour film that recalls the spirit of the time when it was made. No commentary, instead a sound-track drawn from local choirs, orchestras and people. Dick Condon welcomes his audience to the Theatre Royal, "Fag Ash Lil" entertains at the Ferry Boat and cargo ships sail the Wensum. Norwich exactly as it once was.

Norwich, City of Distinction
60-minutes long and professionally made, this tells the full story of Norwich's history. Saxon origins, Norman development, medieval expansion, rebellions and the building of the modern city - its all here. Paul Barnes narrates, local historians detail events. Most surprising of all his how much Norwich has changed since this film was made in 1995.

A Diary of 1950s Norwich
A cinema film recording Richard Dimbleby's visit to the city in the 1950s. The pioneering broadcaster meets people at the heart of Norwich life, visits the Corn Exchange when it was a centre of trade and takes us on a journey encompassing Caley's factory, Start-rite, Norwich Union and Colman's. A nostalgic return to a Norwich that once was.

The Norfolk Broads
Stephen Fry guides us through a tour of this unique area. Its history, landscape, habitats and architecture are revealed. Enter the lives of families who for generations have lived and worked here, from aristocrats to marshmen, reed cutters and farmers. Includes priceless interviews and doumentary sequences of marshman Billy Nudd.

From the Heart of Norfolk
Norfolk writer & broadcaster Keith Skipper meets local characters as the camera reveals sweeping images of the county from the air and from the water. This is an emotional rather than a historical experience, a tribute to beauty and endeavour that goes straight to the heart of what loving Norfolk really means. 60-minutes of pure pride.

The County of Norfolk, Vol 1
Richard Briers leads us through an epic adventure. Norfolk's historical roots are explored as we trace the people and events that forged the county's character. Journey through landscapes, villages and towns and understand the development of a disctinctive culture through contributions from entrepreneurs, aristocrats and ordinary people.

The County of Norfolk, Vol 2
Richard Briers continues the story of Norfolk. Follow the changing economics of agriculture and the effects on local communities. Enter an era of new awakenings, from the birth of the unions to the effects of two World Wars. Meet American airmen who served here, people like Bernard Matthews who prospered, and others who did not.


Ireland, Land of Majesty
A two-DVD set with a running time of 208 minutes. W B Yeats wrote of "a terrible beauty" and that just about sums up this inspiring and heart-rending feature-length movie. It tells the complete story of Ireland's tortured history. Set in the most beautiful of landscapes are the most horrific tales of how a nation fought for its freedom.

Three Faces of Scotland
A two-DVD set spanning 3 hours. Like Ireland, Scotland's history is bound up with the nature of its landscape, the struggles of its people and its relationship with England. An awesome blend of battles royal, majestic scenery and huge personalities, this is the ironic story a great nation's drive for freedom against the enemy to whose cause it gave the most.


Squit & Polish
A 75-minute romp through the world of English rural humour. Keith Skipper leads the way, his shrewd observations linking performances by many of the finest comedians and comedy musicians to emerge from East Anglia. The closing song, "Norfolk 'un Good" when spoken quickly in the local accent says it all about the self-effacing humour in these parts.

Loads of Squit
Keith Loads is East Anglia's answer to Jethro. A professional comic, this DVD captures him live on stage. It also includes specially filmed comedy sketches, written and performed by the master of mirth himself. The DVD runs for 65-minutes, each one of which is guaranteed to split your sides.

Loads More Squit
So successful was the first Keith Loads DVD described above, that the call for a follow-up just had to be answered. This is it. The same formula applies, but all the jokes are fresh and new.

Learn to Read

Ready, Steady, Read
This complete structured "learn to read" course is for children aged 3 years and upwards. Based on traditional phonics, the DVDs contain an explanatory film for parents and a full course of tution for the child. In addition, you get a CD-ROM packed full with the games forming part of the course, that you can print-out and use. The ideal way to get a child to read & write before starting school.