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Multimedia is another way of describing a project that combines a variety of
disciplines, be they text , photos, movies or audio. The clever bit is how the user
can interactively move between the elements at will. The internet is a good
example of multimedia, but while the term includes website construction, it also
refers to the whole package put together on a CD-ROM or DVD.

Renvision has been creating CD-ROM based multimedia productions for the past decade. Its attraction
to our corporate clients is that the end product - a CD disc - can be simply popped into a computer.
The intended audience, be they existing customers or sales prospects, can then engage with the
contents via a laptop, on their office desk or at home.

Thanks to our "authoring" skills, the end users can then navigate their way through a range of mixed
media. For example, it is possible to view a film, then study a more detailed specification sheet (which
can be printed out at the touch of a button). The applications are endless, from tender submissions to
disc-based sales brochures. The great thing is that, apart from the fact that they extend beyond mere
text, multimedia discs are inexpensive to copy.

Unlike traditional printed brochures, you are not tied into minimum print runs. You can run off copies
of each disc, with its variety of media content, in single units costing just a few pence or in their hundreds
of thousands.