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Digital Archiving

This is the basic service. We scan your prints, slides or negatives, convert them into digital images and supply you with a disc containing the photos exactly as if they had been taken on a digital camera. Images from your camera's flashcard can also be transferred to CD.

Retouching & Editing

In addition to converting your prints, slides or negatives into digital images, we use modern software to improve the overall quality and remove unwanted areas of the picture. We can get rid of the TV aerial growing out of your wife’s head, or even remove a person who you wish had never appeared in the picture in the first place!

Digital Photo Albums

Whether you choose one of the Digital Archiving, Retouching and Editing or Photo Restoration options, or opt for a combination of all three, the final images can be presented as a Digital Photo Album.

This can take two forms:

A Digital Photo Album can be provided to you as a DVD presentation, in which case it can be comprised of the images alone, or the images accompanied by captions, music, commentary or sound interviews. Your family video footage can also be incorporated into the DVD Album with your photos.

Images can be supplied on a Flashcard for replay on any of the Digital Photo Frames that can be purchased from High Street retailers.