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Alongside more high profile areas, we are highly respected within various niche markets. One of them is model railways, where our love of the hobby and audio-visual skills have combined to make a major impact over a decade.

Railway Modeller is the UK’s largest circulation model railway magazine. We have been under contract with it since 1990 to produce all their videos, DVDs and interactive CD-ROMs. Our original video, Creating A Model Railway, subsequently completely re-made for DVD release, remains the best-selling DVD for beginners to the hobby.

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We have been instrumental in helping to bring Railway Modeller magazine into the digital age. Since the dawn of the new millennium we have been producing the annual electronic version of the magazine as an interactive CD-ROM.

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The Railway Modeller DVD Xtra series is widely popular within the hobby of railway modelling. Again, the important work of producing these for the UK’s leading magazine in the field has been exclusively entrusted to Renvision. There are currently eight DVDs available in the series.

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Thanks to our long-standing record in the field, we were invited to produce a documentary about the layout owned by the hobby’s most famous proponent – pop impresario Pete Waterman. The resulting film was screened at the Warley National Model Railway Exhibition held at the NEC.

The Warley Show Website              View Clip of Film

Our status as leading producers of model railway videos resulted in us being commissioned by Hornby to produce a number of promotional movies.

Hornby Website

Alongside Hornby, Bachmann is another major player in the model railway business. No surprise, then, that they also commissioned us to make their ground-breaking promo film about digital control.

Bachmann Website

When the USA’s leading manufacturer of digital model railway control systems began targeting the UK market, it was only natural that they should commission us to produce their promotional DVD.

Digitrax Website

Each year since the start of this decade, Railway Modeller has been giving away a free movie disc with its pre-Christmas issue.

Every one has been made by Renvision.