We have been making films for corporate clients for over a quarter of a century, including many national names such as the BBC, Shell UK, Birds Eye Walls, Hoseasons, Jeyes Group, 3M Healthcare and Du Pont . Our client list also includes 26 local authorities and various Government Departments such as the DWP (Department of Works & Pensions).

These days corporate production demands all the traditional film-making skills that we grew up with, plus much more besides. A typical film will end up being distributed physically as a DVD, electronically over the internet (usually in a cut down version) and quite often as part of a CD-Rom presentation or even a feed into a live conference presentation.

We possess the technical skills to provide you with all contemporary forms of distribution. Such diverse distribution capabilities are nothing more than you would expect when engaging a professional production company. Where we stand out is in the quality of the films we produce prior to them being split-up for different forms of delivery.

A picture speaks a thousand words, and the best way for us to demonstrate this is through the short clips you can watch on our work examples page, which illustrate the diversity of our experience and the quality we achieve. Every film we make is the result of detailed research, scrupulous scripting and meticulous care in the filming and editing.

Take a look at the brief extracts shown here and, if you agree that the quality is high, give us a call to discuss. We'll explain the production process in full and give you a quote that you might find surprisingly affordable.